JULY 2018: Melbourne  Perth  Adelaide  Sydney  Brisbane  Auckland

“Australia is at a crossroads…”

Axiomatic is proud to bring Alt Media commentators and conservative activists STEFAN MOLYNEUX & LAUREN SOUTHERN to Australia and New Zealand in 2018 for a free speech evening of stories, opinions, inspiration and Q&A.

Stefan Molyneux is the host of Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show in the world, with half a billion views, downloads and book sales. He is an in-demand public speaker, best-selling author and incisive interviewer. Stefan Molyneux has hosted many public intellectuals and debates on his show, from Noam Chomsky to Jordan Peterson.

Rejecting left/right political clichés, Stefan Molyneux builds rational arguments from first principles, combining a respect for self-ownership with the morality of the non-aggression principle to build a truly peaceful vision for humanity’s future. From peaceful parenting to politics, from objective ethics to emotions, Stefan Molyneux brings the clarity and passion of philosophy to a wide variety of personal, political and social challenges.

Lauren Southern is a Canadian journalist, political activist, documentary filmmaker and best selling author. She is well known for her commentary on feminism, free speech, and immigration.  Whether it’s the riots in Berkeley, Slut Walk in LA, Black Lives Matter uprising in Milwaukee, and most recently the farm murders in South Africa.

In 2015 Lauren ran as a Libertarian Party candidate in the Canadian federal election. Soon after, she was hired by Rebel Media, where she worked until March 2017. Since then, she has been working independently through her YouTube channel which has over a half million followers. Known for her fearless reporting, she  tackles stories that the mainstream media refuses to cover.  She is a lover of freedom and hedgehogs.

"Farmlands" Documentary Screening

At 6pm, watch the world's first comprehensive documentary on South Africa and the looming options between genocide and civil war, largely ignored by the world's media. Produced by Lauren Southern. More info: LaurenSouthern.net/farmlands.
TICKETS @ $15 each.

General Admission

At 8pm, hear speeches by world leading commentators and justice activists, Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern, followed by a generous time for Q&A. Our speakers will be available after the main event to sign autographs for ticket holders only. Books by the speakers and other merchandise available. Unallocated seating.
TICKETS @ $79 each.

Early Admission

Want first choice of the seats? Jump to the front of the queue and get in a few minutes before everyone else to be closest to the action. Unallocated seating. The main event starts at 8pm.
TICKETS @ $99 each.

Meet & Greet

Want to meet Stefan and Lauren in person? This Australian-first opportunity is strictly limited to 40 people at each event for half an hour backstage access prior to the show. Ticket includes Early Admission ticket only.
TICKETS @ $199 each.

VIP Meet & Greet

Only 10 people will get to spend an extra 15 minutes in the Meet & Greet, plus get a swag of personally signed, awesome merchandise. Ticket includes Early Admission ticket.
TICKETS @ $499 each.

Dinner with Stefan & Lauren

A once in a lifetime opportunity to break bread at an intimate function prior to the main event that evening with not one but two of the most influential Alt Media personalities of our generation. Ticket includes Early Admission ticket only.
TICKETS @ $749 each.

Further Notes, and Answers to Common Questions

1. The precise venues in each city will be advised via SMS or email to ticket holders only 24 hours prior to each event.
2. The main event starts at 8pm.
3. Each ticket only includes what is mentioned in the relevant description.
4. The dinner with Stefan & Lauren will be held at roughly the same time as the documentary screening, prior to the Main Event.
5. There will be a range of books, t-shirts & DVDs available for purchase before and after the Main Event.
6. Stefan & Lauren will be available to personally sign merchandise for ticket holders only after the Main Event.

Terms & Conditions

1. The promoter, Axiomatic Media Pty Ltd, its agents and servants (we) reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone. If a ticket has already been purchased and a person is asked to leave, they will be entitled to a refund in full within 28 days.
2. If someone is deemed to be a risk or disturbance and is asked to leave who has already entered the event, they shall not be entitled to any refund.
3. In the unlikely event we cancel any show which has not begun, ticket holders shall be refunded in full by the same method payment was received.

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